Charles Brown BiographyCharles A. Brown:

I was born from the union of two separate lifestyles and ideologies. My father came from rural Georgia, and my mother from Pennsylvania. The strong value system of my father, strongly conflicted with my mother’s free spirit. It’s no wonder they divorced before I reached 3 years old. Although I can never recall them together, I learned much from both. Purpose, responsibility, and honesty were critical ideals stressed by my father. My mother stressed possibilities and communication.

Growing up, I was talented in education and athletics. Without much studying in school or dedication in sports, I was able to compete above average in the classroom, as well as on the football field. Don’t misunderstand, though I was able to attend and compete athletically on a college level, I really never committed to the grind of either discipline. Rather than learn how to study to achieve the best marks, I crammed last minute to get through. Rather than condition and cultivate my physical athletic abilities, I had the brash feeling, “I’m Sweet”! This feeling of arrogance, cerebrally stifled my growth, and I never really reached my full potential on the field, nor in the classroom.

My story may sound disparaging, but I did become rather successful. In fact, the college I attended (Wilmington College of Ohio) was a private liberal arts institution. We competed independently on the Division II level. Our football teams were nationally ranked, and I lettered in football 3 of my 4 years. I graduated in August of 1988, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in the field of Criminal Justice. My career began in 1988, and I have been gainfully employed for over 25 years. These endeavors alone have not stopped me from wondering what could have been. Suppose I had mastered the discipline of studying? Would I have reached or accomplished more on the field, if I had substantially given the effort needed to produce off the field?

At the end of the day we all have these concerns. Did my actions have purpose? Was I responsible? Were my interactions honest? Will these decisions bring success? Our conscience always speaks, but do we listen? Over the years, I have been struck by “Enlightening”. Things that have always been in me, have been illuminated with courage and common sense. Kids, don’t wait to build your future. Adults, if it makes you better, don’t be afraid to change your lifestyle or ideas. Don’t talk about it, by all means, be about it. No regrets. No Quotes.

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