High School Athletes

Character is far more important than sport. One’s specific attributes or features further distinguish the individual. Often, high school athletes are idolized for the abilities they possess. Their extracurricular activities provide them with an avenue of light to be seen, and at the same time a platform to be viewed.

In fact, be it positively or negatively your qualities are being filtered daily for substance. How are you being viewed? What do teachers, school administrators, opposing coaches, students, and the community say about you? Without direct conversation, does your character show promise, or pause?

If you are a student, study, go to class, perform and compete at your highest ability. If you are a student athlete, study, go to class, go to practice, perform (in class and at play) and compete at your highest ability. Life’s experiences will reveal opportunities and possibilities beyond what you can fathom. Don’t talk about who you are, allow your character to speak for you.

Remember, talent is better shown than told. No Quotes! Have Passion (Love) for whatever you do, Grit (determination) in your endeavors, and Grind (work hard) to achieve while in high school. These sentiments will lead and assist you during the next chapters of your life.