Purpose, Responsibility, Honesty, Success! By definition, Purpose is an object to be attained. What do you want to accomplish? Moral and mental accountability that is both reliable and trustworthy suggests Responsibility. Are my words my bond? Decisions or relationships which are free from fraud and deception illustrate Honesty. Do my intentions gratify both parties? Psychological practice of these sentiments secures a favorable and desired outcome.

As illustrated to both high school and collegiate students as well as athletes, quality of character is far more important than the games they play. Indeed, your God-given talent may have provided an opportunity to succeed on a larger scale; however, the reality is that a greater majority of athletes become professionals in their chosen field of academic education.

Within any field of study, Ability, Communication, Dedication, Commitment, Passion, and Fortitude are virtues that scream success. Regardless of the profession, any business venture designed with these sentiments will produce a positive return. No Quotes! Still, talent is shown, not told! Don’t talk about it, be about it! Why Speak, Be…