Collegiate Athletes

Cultivation of the mind breeds both wins and graduation. Crop preparation begins with the tilling of the soil. The seed is only the beginning. Once the foundation is created, plants respond to strong root systems. Growth is then achieved through nutrients, minerals, and constant care.

The same is true for collegiate athletes. Your talents are nothing more than seeds in search of the appropriate soil in which to grow. Hard work and dedication are your root systems. Knowledge, courage, and discipline are the means to growth (cerebrally). This is true on the field, as well as in the classroom. With this constant commitment to detail, like crops, your petals become vibrant in the light. Visibility being revealed to coaches on game day, as well as educators, family and administrators during commencement.

Don’t talk about what you are going to do, truly do what you want to do. No Quotes! Own (your thoughts), Commit (to your craft), Conquer (your dreams).