Substantive Character Vs. Brash Existence

Substantive Character versus Brash Existence. Have you ever questioned your walk or abilities, and then made personal changes for the better? If you feel, understand and support the movement of No Quotes, please feel free to blog your experience. Others may benefit from your life experiences.



  1. Substantive Character;

    As my biography illustrates my childhood evoloved from two separate ideologies. I was basically caught in between lifestyles that clashed. During my early years of development I witnessed freespirited adult activities that consisted of drugs and alcohol. Within this world (in California), though honest hard work was the norm weekly, I now realize the weekends were full of scenes not suitable for children. During that time it seemed I was the only child around. In contrast, my other world (in Ohio) consisted of checks and balances. There were certain things expected and demanded of me. Parental supervision and support was always present and a must. As I grew older, a personal choice in a lifestyle had to be made. Because I dearly loved both parents, I learned to cope with one ideology, rather than live with in it. Though I was young, I realized where I needed to be. Making this decision proved to be the better choice, but things did get rocky. I’ll discuss these hills and valleys in a future blog (The Evolution of Growth).

    Do you recall making a sound decision as a youth? If so, did this decision assist you in present day. Please blog your life experience. Keep in mind, your past trials may assist others.

    Love is Love, Chuk B.

  2. Brash Existence: I’m Sweet!

    As a youngster, even into my young-adult years my character, walk, and talk resembled this “Air of Arrogance”. Although my spirit was in direct conflict, my peers and friends presented these attributes. To fit in with (the then) Status Quo, I chose to mirror them. Because I didn’t have an older brother to show me the ropes, the early manhood values came from my acquaintences. I discovered later it’s not only okay to love, but it’s more refreshing to show these genuine feelings. Our Manly Machismo does not allow us to be expressive with these type of emotions. Rather than ridicule an individual for attempting something different (as a positive reinforcement), why don’t we praise their efforts?

    It saddens me to admit, in some ways I was this type of person. Rather than be loving and expressive towards others, I’d be aloof, seeming not to care. If you truly care about someone, tell them while you have the chance. I’ve taken this advice, and have thanked (adults, teachers, coaches, instructors, clergy, etc.) those who have assisted me thus far. Way back when, I lacked the emotional strength to admit what they actually meant to me. As if admitting these feelings, did me some disservice. Have others had these similar life lessons and/or experiences? Please blog, and share your thoughts.

    As always, Love is Love,

    Chuk B.

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