College Experience

I was the first male of my family to graduate from college.  The college experience (Wilmington College of Ohio) was presented to me through my childhood addoration for the game of football.  In high school, I excelled in class and on the field without much fine tuning.  Eventually, I realized that my participation in college took a great deal more dedication in both areas.  Truthfully, collegiate life took the aspect of discipline (which I lacked).   Absence of parental guidance, bred the presence of free time.  I did whatever I wanted, when I wanted, and with whom I wanted.  This feeling of freedom was powerful, so much that it basically had me mesmerized for approximately 2 years.   Free time meant I could attend class (or not), study (or not), physically train my body for sport (or not).  Don’t misunderstand, of course I attended class, studied and trained somewhat, but only when I had to.  Early on, I never committed to that GRIND towards success. 

This lack of discipline revealed two harsh realities my Sophomore year.  Because I had dropped classes (as a Freshman and during that second year), I became ineligable to play football as a Junior.  Although I had a great Sophomore season, in the off-season I tore my Left Anterior Cruciate Ligament (playing intramural basketball).  My injury meant surgery, then rehab.  Being ineligiable meant I needed a class in the off season to be able to participate the next year.  All this because I lacked this, DISCIPLINE.  Suppose I had committed to studying, would there have been a need to drop classes?  Suppose I had committed to training, would I have gotten hurt?   My Junior year, I discovered I was approximately a year behind as a student and still a Sophomore.  Mentally I recall felling so down.   How did I get up? 

How many of us have had life experiences that have left us feeling personally inadequate?  We know we could have done better, but for what ever reason we allowed opportunities and possibilities to pass us by.  What did you do to change your path?  Please share your experience.  We can learn so much from one another.

Love is Love, Chuk B.


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