Evolution of Growth

Evolution is defined as change that is in a certain direction.   This change is continuance from a lower, simpler, or worsen state, to a higher, more complex, or better nature of being.  Growth and Evolution is synonymous with one another.  Physically and mentally life’s experiences should act as a stone sharpening the iron and/or character within us.  Mainly due to our youth, as adolescents we made so many mistakes.  Although  our parents or significant others may have preached right and wrong, we still had the notion to discount them, continuing to bump our heads.  If we were listening,  these “Lumps”  defined as life’s experience should have made certain impressions.  What impact did our experiences have on our psyche or being?

Change through Growth  is inevitable, however it can be either positive or negative.  Positively, through discipline and maturity life’s experience may uncovered passions, abilities, and the character to succeed.  By the same token, nature that is undiscplined and lacking maturity breeds stubborness.  This in-turn may produce a negative existence.  Age brings on a great deal of power and responsibility.  Again you have the option of being discipline, truly understanding that your choices really determine your walk.  Failing to realize life’s teachings keeps you stagnant, and regardless of your age, your mindset remains rigid and inmature.        

My earlier blogs; Substantive Character versus Brash Existence, College Experience Part I, College Experience Part  II, and Getting Up detailed my Evolution. I recall the process from Adolescence to Adulthood being difficult.   I learned I did not have all the answers.   With every Lump I  began to develop more character,  and I became more successful. 

When I was a child, I acted as a child, but when I became a man, I gave up all childish things (1 Corinthians 13:11).  Not having, is No Excuse for not Getting (Soldier Story  1984).   Embracing these sentiments have greatly assisted my personal Growth.  Because I’m now a man, should I have learned from past experiences?   As a youth because I saw drug and alcohol abuse in my family, did that mean I would be an abuser?    

Providing we have the ability, we should all attempt to learn from life’s experience.   There is so much more to life than our pasts. 

As Always,

Love is Love, Chuk B. 

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